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Narew Ostroleka 0 : 1 Radomiak

Mazur Karczew 0 : 0 Radomiak

Start Otwock - Radomiak Match Preview

October 28th, 2011

Radomiak travel to Otwock on Saturday to face 13th placed Start a side which, although they are only one place off the relegation zone, have actually out-scored the Greens this season by one goal. Unfortunately for them the defensive side of their game has let them down and they have conceded 14 times.

Whilst Radomiak still sit atop the table their run of five games without a victory (4 draws, 1 defeat) has seen their lead slip from five points to one, making a victory in Otwock a must for the men from Struga.

Compared to the situation prior to last weeks city derby against the Queens Own Bron, the squad is looking much better and Dariusz Dzwigala has all but one player available to him for Saturdays game.

Start will be weakened due to bans (Bartosz Bobrowskieg and Daniel Matwiejczuk) and an in jury to Bartlomiej Pacuszki.

The game will mean a return to old stomping grounds for manager Dariusza Dzwigala as well as players Jacek Moryc, Wojciech Wocial and Mikolaj Tokaj as all for were employed by Start up until this season.

The game kicks of at 1100 Polish time, updates on twitter @radomiakuk.


Changes, Changes, Changes

March 6th, 2011

It's been a while since the Radom derby and the last post on this site, so what has been going on at Struga in the the meantime? Quite a lot actually, there have been changes in the boardroom, the manager has been replaced and the clubs aims have changed

Firstly Miroslaw Hernik has resigned as chairman and withdrawn funding for the club, citing the lack of fans appreciation for everything he had done for the Greens. Along with Mr Hernik, the fans representative at the club, Lukasz Podlewski, has also gone. Both deserve credit for what they have done during their tenure. Mr Hernik saved the club from disappearing and effectively kept it going at a decent level out of his own pocket. Mr Podlewski changed the way the club was being run on a day-to-day basis, adding a professionalism that had previously been lacking and significantly ramping up the commercial dealings of the club.

So what does this mean for the future of the club? Well in the short term, the ambition of the club is to stay up this season as opposed to the push for promotion which had been anticipated. This was evident when Grzegorz Wesolowski was let go from the club after just two months and old manager Arkadiusz Grzyb who had been the incumbent prior to Wesolowski was brough back in. Wesolowski was brought in on a decent salary to bring Radomiak promotion and it is a sign of the times that the less experienced (and more importantly cheaper) Grzyb has been brought back in. It has been made clear that the players are up for sale but luckily there have not been many takers as yet.

Long term, Radomiak have to find a new owner or a sponsor. Mr Hernik did speak of offered the club to the fans for 1 PLN but a formal offer has never materialised. The supporters trust are actively seeking backers, be they private individuals or large corporations but they have had no success.

It is perhaps a reflection on the state of Polish football at this level. Clubs are struggling to keep going as there is simply not enough money. Whilst Radomiak are lucky to have fairly large crowds there are sides at this level who can expect as few as 100 through the turnstiles for home games. As a result they struggle to find sponsorship on match day let alone a serious deal to at least help with the running costs.

Then we have the "sugar-daddy" scenario. Someone with no connection to the club or the town comes in with an overflowing bank account and bankrolls a club, basically buying promotion. This is all well and good until they decide they're bored and can't be bothered or they're not getting the success they feel their outlay deserves. They leave the club with a wage bill it cannot possibly sustain and the club are starting again, playing in the A or B Klasa.

Source: own

Radomiak Second Best

November 2nd, 2010

Radomiak tasted defeat for the first time this season against city neighbours Bron in front of an (over) capacity crowd of approximately 7000. Grzegorz Wesolowski, in his first game in charge, saw his side fail to perform in the first half and go in two nil down at half time. Credit to the manager, his halftime words had the desired effect and although the game was already beyond their reach, The Greens had a much better second half.

Radomiak2 : 3Bron
Tarnowski 67'Jamroz 10'
Sikorski 72' (pen)Kupiec 37'
Ciupinski 60'
Yellow cards:

Radomiak: Banasiak - Boryczka (30' Barzynski), Sikorski, Grunt, Szary, Czpak, Fedosenko (46' Wierzba), Sala (85' Rolak), Kornacki, Puton (84' Kucharczyk), Tarnowski

Bron: Mlodzinski - Cichon, Kosmicki, Kupiec, Ubozak, Zietek (84' Jarzabek), Jamróz, Salek, Czarnecki, Kuzubek (90' Koziel), Ciupinski

Referee:Krzysztof Pawlak (Lódz)

Radomiak, a relatively inexperienced side, struggled to compose themselves in front of such a large crowd on such a big occassion, seemingly intimidated as opposed to spurred on by the home fans. Bron, on the other hand, showed their experience and were by far the more relaxed side.It took the guests just 10 minutes to go ahead. Daniel Ciupinski put Lukasz Jamroz through on goal with only Banasiak to beat, a task which he managed with aplomb, sending the 400 or so mix of Bron and Powislanka fans in "the cage" mad with delight. This chain of events only seemed to add to Radomiaks nervousness and things could have got much worse for the green half of the city had Bron pushed forward and not been happy to sit back. In truth Radomiak did not trouble Pawel Mlodzinskis goal once in the first half and it was Bron who struck again in the 37 minute. Dariusz Kozubek crossed into the box after a poorly cleared corner, finding Wojciech Kupiec who headed past Banasiak to give Bron a two goal advantage.

Wesolowski had a difficult job to do at halftime. 2 - 0 down in his first game in charge at a new club, playing your major rivals and with a side clearly over-awed by the occassion. Add to that the fact that although Radomiak had not created one single chance on goal, Bron had only had two and scored with both of them. Well, all credit to the man - whatever he said certainly had a positive effect.

Radomiak started the second half with more belief in their ability to beat Mlodzinski and an added bite and aggression all over the pitch. It was The Greens that went close first, Pawel Tarnowski unleashing a cracking shot which Mlodzinski managed to parry. Two minutes later however, the game seemed to be all but over as Bron had their third chance of the game and notched up their third goal. Ciupinski beat Marcin Sikorski for pace and beat Banasiak to make it 3 - 0. At this stage most Radomiak fans will have thought that that was that and just hoped that the floodgates would not open. Credit to the eleven on the pitch - they did not let their heads drop and did their utmost to get back into a game which looked to most like a lost cause.

67 minutes in Cezary Czpak and Pawel Tarnowski combined to beat the Bron defense and the latter beat Mlodzinski to make it 3 - 1 and at least offer a carrot at the end of the tunnel (copyright Stuart Pearce). From this point on Radomiak camped out in the Bron half, forcing the visitors into a desperate battle to keep them out. Radomiak came close again two minutes later - Daniel Barzynski shot from outside the area, the 'keeper fumbled and was lucky to retrieve the ball before Radomiaks forwards had the chance to pounce. Shortly afterwards Krzysztof Wierzba beat Marcin Kosmicki and rounded Mlodzinski who hauled him to the ground, giving Radomiak a chance to get within one goal from the penalty spot but not, earning himself a red card. Sikorski converted the spot kick and Radomiak had 20 minutes left in which to complete their comeback.

Radomiak raised their game and the tempo yet further and created numerous chances, Barzynski, Czpak, Wierzba and Kucharczyk all came frustratingly close to what would have been an incredible draw given the Greens first half performance. In the end it was not to be and it was Bron who could have added to their tally when Ciupinskis attempted lob of Banasiak went narrowly wide.

So, the autumn derby goes to The Queens Own Bron who, although not a fantastic side managed to create four chances and score three of them. Radomiak, despite thier atrocious first half showing picked themselves up and displayed some really nice football in the second half but lacked Brons ability went it came to converting their chances. So, seven months until Radomiak can gain revenge.


Pre-Derby Interview With The Manager

October 29th, 2010

Below is a translation of an interview did with Radomiak manager Grzegorz Wesolowski. Saturday sees the city derby against Br*n, haqve you been looking forward to this game?
GW: All talk is of the derby but we have to approach it as we would any other game so that our young lads are not over-awed by the occassion. I've been keeping a close eye on how the squad has been handling the pressure. I'm sure the lads are thinking about this game, discussing it, but I would like the pressure to be of a positive type. The psycholgical aspect will surely play a massive part on Saturday..
GW: The psychological approach we take into the game will have a massice effect. Derby games are different. I've taken part in the Lodz derby as both a player and a manager, as well as the Krakow derby and I know exactly what it's like. More than once I've been amazed when a squad player has had to replace a regular and has been lifted by the atmosphere to play way above his normal level. I'm interested in how our lads will react on Saturday. Would you agree that a derby is about more than just league points, it's about prestigue?
GW: In these games everyone knows everything about the opponents. It should be a grand football occassion. PLayers should look forward to these games and elevate their performance. You watched Br*n in their last game. Did you gain an insight into the way they play?
GW: I'll pass on my insights to the team. We view our opponent with respect but also have belief in our own skills and talent. We definately have a difficult but exciting game ahead of us. Br*n are currently higher in the league table but would you agree that it's difficult to predict the outcome?
GW: There's no point in trying to pick a favourite or discussing which is the better team. Everything will become clear on the pitch. To end the interview what would you say to the fans to entice them to come to Struga on Saturday?
GW: I invite the fans to this very special event in the football calendar. Hopefully the game will live long in the memories of those present.

To date 4500 tickets have been sold for tomorrows game, with 500 put aside for sale on the day. The current capacity at Struga is 5000 due to police and council restrictions so it could, technically, be a full house.


New Man Meets The Press

October 20th, 2010

"It's bizarre that a side which has not yet lost a match in the league and has conceded only 3 goals can find itself only fourth in the table and four points behind the first placed club. I'll have to have a look at where the problem lies" was Grzegorz Wesolowski's summation of the situation he has inherited at Struga. A cursory glance at the goals scored column should provide an inkling as to the reason for a lacklustre season so far - Radomiak have scored 14 so far this term and 10 of these came in three games (Warta Sieradz (A) 3:0, Ursus Warszawa (A) 4:0, Wlókniarz Zelow (H) 3:0). That leaves The Greens having scored a paltry 4 goals in the remaining 8 games. Hopefully the Wesolowski revolution will bring rewards and our front men will soon be thwacking bovine behinds with stringed instruments on at least a semi-regular basis.

Wesolowski gave his first interview as Radomiak manager today and it is reproduced below:

What convinced you to accept the offer of managing Radomiak?
I was happy to come to a club with such a rich history, such an excellent following and whose place in the footballing world is most definately not that of a fourth division also-ran. Radomiak should be much higher up the leagues than they are currently. I've also been out of work since June and wanted to get back into the game so I decided to accept the boards offer. I think Radomiak is a club where I can mature as a manager but also where I can pass my experience on to the players. I watched the game against Widzew [part of Radomiaks centenary year celebrations] and I believe that there is potential in the current squad.

What is the target for this season?
The target is definately promotion. It'll be difficult because we're already 4 points behind the current league leaders. It would be disastrous if this deficit grew because at this level it would be extremely difficult to claw out way back.

Do you believe that we can catch Pogon and what style of play will Radomiak employ to do so?
First of all I have to get to know everyone here, analyse the situation because it's bizarre that a side which has not yet lost a match in the league and has conceded only 3 goals can find itself only fourth in the table and four points behind the first placed club. I'll have to have a look at where the problem lies. It could be psychological, it could be the style of play. I need a little time because I do not have a crystal ball.

Do you realise that the expectation amongst the fans here is massive?
It's always been that way at Radomiak and it's sometimes difficult for the players but that's what fans are for - to support their club and react to the situation at hand. If players can't handle that then they shouldn't be in the game professionally.

Who will be your assistant?
I'm still thinking about it.


Grzegorz Wesolowski Named As Manager

October 19th, 2010

48 year-old Grzegorz Wesolowski has been officially unveiled as the new man in charge at Struga, taking over from Arkadiusz Grzyb. Grzyb's departure follows a sorry run for Radomiak, particularly at home where The Greens have drawn 4 and won 2 games this season. Wesolowski's last position was as manager of LKS Lodz, a position which he held until May of this year.

Arkadiusz Grzyb offered the club his resignation following the disappointing goaless draw at home to Concordia Piotrkow Trybunalski and whilst the board did not accept, they set Grzyb the target of winning the remaining 5 games of the autumn round. Last Sundays scoreless draw, again at Struga, meant that the target was unachievable and Grzyb was gone.

Grzyb, who had been in charge of Radomiak since October 2009, oversaw The Greens in 33 games ( 31 league, 2 cup) and tasted defeat only twice. His downfall was the high number of draws - 13 - against 19 wins. One of the defeats came in a penalty shootout with Pogon Siedlce, the other a 2 - 1 league defeat away to KS Piaseczno, a result that, it could be argued, ended Radomiak's promotion hopes last season.

The new man has a good footballing pedigree. A product of the LKS Lodz youth system, he went on to play for that club in Ekstraklasa as well as representing, amongst others, Hutnik Krakow and Zawisza Bydgoszcz. He was also a member of the 1980 Poland side which finished second in the U-18 European Championships. As a manager he has been in charge of Piotrków Trybunalski, Hetman Zamosc, Stal Stalowa Wola, Astra Krotoszyn, Stal Glowno and LKS Lodz reserves. In July 2008 he was named as assistant to Marek Chojnacki at LKS Lodz and in November of that year, he took over as the main man, remaining at Unii Lubelskiej until May 2010.

Good luck to the new man and to Arkadiusz Grzyb


More Injury Worries

September 9th, 2010

It seems that Radomiak's injury list has yet again grown following the 1:0 win against Narew Ostroleka at the weekend. Marcin Sikorski (thigh), Piotr Kornacki (knee-knack) and Jurij Fedosenko (thigh) were all absent from training on Tuesday, having been sent to Warszawa for scans on their various broken bits. 'Keeper Piotr Banasiak was also absent but this was due to his university course clashing with the training session.

Better news is the return of Cezary Czpak and Patryk Zieba to training. Although the pair are not yet ready to join in with any football, they are out on the training ground and concentrating on fitness work. It is anticipated that Czpak will make his return to competitive football in the game against Pogon Siedlce on 15th September.


Narew Ostroleka 0 : 1 Radomiak

September 8th, 2010

Unusually Radomiak travelled to this away game the day before the fixture, a sign perhaps that more is expected from the side from Struga who have found the start to the season more of a chore than had been expected. Despite yet another game in which the Greens struggled to make the most of the chances they created the did manage to come away with all three points against a side that any promotion contender would be expected to beat comprehensively.

Narew Ostroleka0 : 1Radomiak
Swdzikowski 47'
Yellow cards:

Narew: Ostaszewski, Kaminski, Zalewski, Pragacz, Marczak, Roman (65' Lelujka), Strzezysz (20' Dawidzki), Wilczewski (76' Niedzwiedzki), Truszkowski, Zaniewski (68' Olesinski)

Radomiak: Banasiak - Boryczka, Sikorski, Swidzikowski, Rolak, Wnuk (90' Kucharczyk), Puton, Sala, Kornacki (46' Tarnowski), Fedosenko (72' Barzynski), Wierzba (90' Szary)

Referee:Pawel Jenda (Siedlce)

Radomiak started with Jurij Fedosenko playing inbetween the midfield and lone striker Krzysztof Wierzba. Kacper Wnuk was handed his debut on the right side of midfield. Whilst starting with one man upfront may seem negative, the Greens were placing their hopes on the midfield joining the attacks at every given opportunity and although the formation and general approach to the game was not as gung-ho as that in last weeks encounter with Mazur Karczew, Radomiak were still looking for all three points.

The first half was a non event. Despite some nice build up play Radomiak managed only one shot on goal which was dealt with comfoprtably by Andrzej Lyzinski. Narew were even less inspiring, mustering one effort from a free-kick which troubled the corner flag more than it did Piotr Banasiak in the Greens goal.

Things heated up in the second half and it was not long before Radomiak were ahead. Maciej Swidzikowski timed his run into the area perfectly and met Dawid Sala's corner head on, leaving little chance for the Narew 'keeper. This changed the balance of the game completely and Narew threw themselves into attempting to get back on level terms with Radomiak content to defend and look for opportunities to hit their hosts on the break. Pawel Tarnowksi and Krzysztof Wierzba should be singled out for thier play on the break, making themselves available and creating chances. Unfortunately, the one area of their play which was lacking was a finishing touch, as ahown by Tarnowski blasting a shot straight at Lyzinski on 58 minutes when he was one on one with the 'keeper and had all the time in the world to place the ball.

With 20 miutes to go Narew started to get desperate, pushing everyone into attack. Their game relied on what, in my school days, was referred to as "the tonk" - long balls to the front pairing of Marcin Truszkowski and Mariusz Marczak, hoping for either a knock down or to draw a foul from the backline. This tactic was dealt with fairly comfortably by Radomiak but there were two close calls. Banasiak came out and flapped at a free-kick which, luckily for him, struck the cross-bar and went out. Kaminski also went close for the home side, hittting a post in the 88th minute following a mix-up at the back for Radomiak.

The Greens also had chances to extend their lead. Marcin Sikorski came very close on 76 minutes, latching onto a Krystian Puton free-kick he beat the 'keeper but there was a defender on hand to clear the ball on the line, sending it straight to Jurij Fedosenko who setup Daniel Barzynski only for the latter to fire wide. Pawel Tarnowski also came close on 90 minutes but Lyzinski saved and Radomiak had to hold out for the few minutes of injury time.

It hasn't been the start to the season that had been expected - Radomiak are doing reasonably well, but haven't been completely convincing. The reasons for this are debatable...maybe the injuries have taken their toll, maybe the departure of Oziewicz and (to a lesser degree Dragan Galic) are to blame, perhaps the behaviour of certain squad members is not conducive to a harmonius camp. Possibly it's one of these reasons, all of them or maybe even something that has not even crossed this authors mind. ONe thing is for certain though, the side will have to improve if they are to get anything in Saturdays game away to Sokol Aleksandrow Lodzki.

The chaps at have provided highlights of the game which can be found here and some photographs which are here.


Mazur Karczew 0 : 0 Radomiak

September 2nd, 2010

Mazur and Radomiak served up a pulsating game in the Karczew rain but despite their best efforts and numerous chances for both sides, posts, crossbars, some refereeing howlers and excellent goalkeeping intervened to keep this game goalless.

Mazur Karczew0 : 0Radomiak
Yellow cards:

Mazur: Pusek - Glabicki, Rafalski, Filipczak, Dabrowski, Jakubik, Górecki (81' Lewicki), Stanczuk, Kopka (57' Tlaga), Kosim, Jaron

Radomiak: Banasiak - Boryczka, Sikorski, Swidzikowski, Rolak, Puton, Fedosenko (85' Wierzba), Sala, Kornacki (78' Kurbiel), Kucharczyk (54' Barzynski), Tarnowski

Referee:Lukasz Pniewski (Ciechanow)

Both sides thrust themselves into attack, launching assault after assault on their opponents goal, making for a very entertaining 90 minutes. The first clear cut chance came from a Radomiak mistake. Krystian Puton lost the ball in midfield, giving Bartosz Jaron free reign to advance on the Radomiak goal and unleash a rasping shot from his traction engine like foot just inside the 18 yard box which had Banasiak well beaten. Fortunately for the Greens, the crossbar got in the way and the ball rebounded to safety. Soon after it was Radomiak's turn to go close. Puton tried his luck from distance and his skimming drive had Dominik Pusk scrambling across the goal mouth to get to the ball which was centimetres wide of his post. 22 minutes in and Radomiak's new Ukranian signing Jurij Fedosenko went close, his left foot shot from the edge of the area forcing a fantastic save from Pusk.

The first half continued in this tit for tat fashion. Mazur's best chance was wasted by Damian Jakubik who shot wide of Banasiak's goal when it would have been easier to hit the target. Straight from the dead ball Radomiak countered and again it was Fedosenko who shot from 14 metres, beating the 'keeper in such a complete manner as to leave the custodian with football pie all over his shirt. Unfortunately, Fedosenko's shot found a Mazur defender who just happened to be loitering on his own goal line at the time and the scores remained level.

37 minutes in came a moment of true controversy. Radomiak seemed to have found another gear and for 15 minutes or so the back and forth nature of the play became a case of Radomiak taking charge of the forth, Mazur the back and the Greens elevated pace seemed to have paid dividends when a move, which can only be described as liquid football, resulted in Pawel Tarnowski finding the net. Mazur's heads seemed to drop and everyone (including the referee) were making their way back to the halfway line to retsart the game when the linesman (I refuse to call them assistant referees) made his voice heard and called everyone back to restart with a free-kick for offside to the home team. Radomiak seemed to lose some of their momentum and just before halftime, as the heavens opened, the Greens could have found themselves a goal down were it not for Hubert Kosim firing wide when one-on-one with Banasiak.

The second half started in a similar fashion to the first in terms of pace but the opening stages were devoid of any clear-cut chances. Eventually, on 60 minutes, Radomiak managed to get the ball out to Barzynski on the wing whose pinpoint cross found Tarnowski but the striker's header struck the post. Radomiak were definately in the ascendancy and 5 minutes later Pusek did well to get his fingertips to Dawid Sala's shot, saving an almost certain goal.

Whilst still exciting, the game as a spectacle was ruined from this stage onwards by some uterrly bizarre refereeing from the inexperienced man in the middle who could at best be praised for his lack of favouratism towards either side - he made numerous completely unexplainably pap decisions against both sides. Radomiak maintained their dominance and were basically camped in the Mazur penalty area for the final ten minutes but could achieve nothing other than boosting their corner count significantly.

Today's home game against Pogon Siedlce was called off due to a waterlogged pitch.

This match report was brought to you in association with Mr A Partridge and copious amounts of Kronenburg 1664. Eat my goal!


Competition Time!

August 27th, 2010

Now then people, time to win yourself the prize of a lifetime*. I am looking for a new header for the site and given that my artistic capabilities are surpassed by both my three year old daughter AND Tracey Emin, I need a little bit of help. So, design a banner, forward it to me using the contact menu option on the left menu and you could win your very own Radomiak FCUK tee-shirt. Failing that if you're as talented as me when it comes to creating anthying that looks even remotely aesthetically pleasing then contact me in the same fashion and you can have a tee at cost, although it would be nice if you added a few quid extra for an ocular melanoma charity of my choice! Photos of the shirt will be posted as soon as I can be arsed getting off my fat backside to the tee-shirt printing people.

If you don't want a tee-shirt then you are of course free to contact me for the details of the charity I have in mind and make a donation anyway - it is for a very worthy cause!

*It is quite literally not the prize of a lifetime

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Oziewicz Leaves.....Temporarily

August 27th, 2010

Arkadiusz Oziewicz, who was earlier this week told that he has no future at Radomiak, has joined League II newbies GLKS Nadarzyn, who pipped Radomiak to the title last season. The Radomiak board have had a re-think about Ozi's future and decided that it is worth putting in the effort to help him out and have told the player that he is not wanted back at Struga until after the autumn round as opposed to when hell freezes over, as had been previously stated. Instead, Oziewicz will remain on loan at Nadarzyn and his progress and behaviour will be monitored by Radomiak.

Club president Lukasz Podlewski is happy with the way things are working out - "After all the trouble we've had with Arek I'm pleased that the lad will get the chance to play in League II. He is not has happy as I - he wants to stay at Radomiak and we had in fact discussed him going on loan somewhere but he has always wanted to remain at Struga. He now has the chance to prove to himself and many others that he is a talented footballer. The change of environment can only be good for him.

Source: Various

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